No Regrets A Common Sense Guide to Acheiving and Affording Your Life Goals

Free Resources

Goals Worksheet

For help prioritizing your goals, try the No Regrets Goals Worksheet

Cashflow Worksheet

The Cashflow Worksheet will allow you to try to gain control over your cashflow. You will need Excel for this worksheet. No Regrets Cashflow Worksheet

Holiday Planner

Use this to help you plan your expenses during the Holidays. Holiday Planner Worksheet (Excel)

Holiday Planner Worksheet (PDF)

Helpful Calculators

Try some of these helpful financial calculators to see if you are on the right path. Financial Calculators

What Should Your Net Worth Be

Try the "Millionaire Next Door" Expected Net Worth calculator to see if you are a poor, average or excellent wealth saver. Millionaire Next Door Net Worth Calculator

Where to Find a Certified Financial Planner

To find a listing of Certified Financial Planners in your area, visit the Financial Planners Standards Council of Canada. This is an important step to finding your Personal Finance Coach (PFC) Find a CFP