No Regrets A Common Sense Guide to Acheiving and Affording Your Life Goals

David Chilton taught us to “pay ourselves first”. Robert Abboud wants us to reach our "life goals".

These goals can be achieved through his system called Life Goals Planning. In Abboud’s book, No Regrets, A Common Sense Guide to Achieving and Affording Your Life Goals, he deals with the reality of our common problem-debt and casflow are out of control and we have lost sight of what should be important to us, our Life Goals. No Regrets makes us stop and think about what money should do for us, not what we should do for money.

Whether you're overwhelmed with debt, can’t control your cash flow, feel that you are not getting great financial advice or feel that you are never achieving all those goals you set out to achieve, No Regrets is the solution that will show you the way.

Excerpts from No Regrets:

The 5 Biggest Mistakes People Make With Money

The Envelope System